Hydra: The Postgres Data Warehouse

Joe Sciarrino

CEO of Hydra

Today we're excited to release Hydra, the Postgres data warehouse.

Hydra is data warehouse that's fast, simple, and open source and built for developers!

Fast 📈

  • Hydra is the fastest Postgres database for analytics. With columnar storage, vectorization, and parallelized query execution, Hydra speeds through even the toughest analytics tasks. Check out our benchmarks.

Simple ✨

  • Postgres just works. Your engineers already know and like it.
  • Massive Postgres ecosystem, ORMs, tooling at your fingertips
  • Adopt it without code changes. Easy to integrate with existing Postgres use.

Open source 🔓

  • Free to get started and accessible to everyone
  • Inspect Hydra code, open a PR - your voice is heard!
  • Test queries locally or self-manage Hydra

The Problem

Data warehouses are the critical core of most modern architectures. Yet, they're expensive, proprietary, and unfamilar to most engineers. Every organization, from start-up to enterprise, has complex data problems. By building around Postgres, the Hydra team enables developers to scale their company's analytics with familiar Postgres tooling and existing know-how. Avoid proprietary warehouses that your team can't easily support and warehouse costs a COO will sweat over by using Hydra.

Enter Hydra, a warehouse for devs

Get your cloud managed Hydra set-up in minutes. Building a unified, consistent data source is as easy as centralize, analyze, and scale


Loading data is easy with with ETL, like Airbyte, with Hydra External Tables, or Postgres dump / restore.


Use Hydra’s federated queries to select and join with External Tables across SaaS, data lake, and operational databases. Data outside a Hydra warehouse is still within reach. Also, check out Metabase an awesome Business Intelligence (BI) tool that's open source, cloud managed, and seamlessly integrates with Hydra.


Grow storage and compute on Hydra's cloud instance without downtime. We handle the backups, disaster recovery, high availability, maintenance upgradges, while you focus on building and growing.

Get the full power of Postgres, the scale of cloud, and it's free to start.

Get Started

  1. Visit hydras.io
  2. Get your 14-day free trial by scheduling a technical session
  3. Profit

If you prefer to talk to us directly, ping founders@hydras.io. More than happy to have a set-up call.

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Joe Sciarrino
CEO of Hydra

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