Hydra Columnar as an extension

Simon Wijckmans

Product Lead at Hydra

Since launching Hydra Database BETA users have been requesting support for using Hydra Columnar as an extension to their Postgres database. Up until today, exporting the Hydra Columnar extension from our database package was the only way to bring Hydra Columnar to an already existent Postgres instance. This was a cumbersome user experience. However, this experience showed us how painful implementing Postgres extensions could be. Last week we released ‘pgxman’ the Postgres extension manager. On pgxman.com you can find a library of extensions including Hydra Columnar and install it in a single command.

Streamlined Installation of Hydra Columnar using pgxman

With the release of pgxman, installing Hydra Columnar has become a swift, four-step process:

  1. Installing pgxman: Start by installing pgxman on the OS of your database server with a simple command: curl -sfL https://install.pgx.sh | sh - You can verify if the installation was successful by running 'pgxman doctor'.
  2. Installing Hydra Columnar: Next, use pgxman to install Hydra Columnar: pgxman install hydra_columnar
  3. Activate the Extension: Finally, connect to your database using psql and execute: CREATE EXTENSION columnar;

This integration marks a significant leap in ease of use, showcasing our commitment to simplifying database management. Try Hydra Columnar or other extensions on pgxman.com now and experience the difference!

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