Compute & Storage Resizing

Simon Wijckmans

Product Lead at Hydra

Data grows. To support your scaling data needs, we’re happy to offer self-serve warehouse resizing on Hydra Cloud.

Gif of our resize storage or compute dashboard

Grow disk storage

Select “Edit”, make your selection, and confirm. Once selected, the change will take effect in under 5 minutes without downtime. Billing is pro-rated by the second.

Upgrade or downgrade compute

With Hydra Cloud you have the ability to upgrade or downgrade your compute size.

If you have High Availability enabled, changes will happen almost seamlessly. Active queries will be cancelled and connections will be interrupted, but clients will be able to reconnect without any downtime.

Without High Availability enabled, you will experience downtime up to 5 minutes while a new EC2 instance is being provisioned.

To avoid downtime, it is useful to enable High Availability a few days before you size up the the instance. Setting up high availability will take a while (budget 1 hour per 100GB). Please make sure to allow for ample time for HA to be established before relying on it for 0 downtime provisioning.


  • Disk size can’t be decreased.
  • You can only increase your storage once every 6 hours. This is due to an AWS imposed cooldown period.
  • Currently, there is no way to verify whether your High Availability replica has completed provisioning.

Put it to sleep

You can also now put your warehouse to sleep, saving you on compute costs when you are not using your warehouse. It takes about 5 minutes for your database to sleep, after which you can then resume your warehouse. Like all of our billing, sleeping and resuming is prorated to the second; note that storage costs are still incurred while your warehouse is sleeping.

Read more about Pausable Compute here.

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Simon Wijckmans
Product Lead at Hydra

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