Hydra's pricing blueprint

Joe Sciarrino

CEO of Hydra

Let’s walk through the how and the why behind Hydra pricing.

Start free. Analytics for anyone, anywhere

My cofounder, JD and I met as coworkers at Heroku. Heroku’s free plan was amazing. It was great to deploy apps fast to the cloud.  We noticed that some of the coolest projects were free apps because they freed hackers to think in unusual and creative ways. That’s a really good thing for the world.

Try the Hydra Free Tier to create a columnar Postgres instance. Then connect to it with your preferred Postgres client (psql, dbeaver, etc). The Hydra free plan sleeps after 24 hours and can be resumed at any future point. Alternatively, you can run Hydra open source locally. Our principal, like all great open source companies, is “make good stuff, share it with people.” We want a more collaborative future.

Only pay for what you use

We’re engineers - we like to know exactly the underlying machines our services run on, what it costs, what it costs me (the user). Here’s what we share in the Hydra Pricing Calculator:

  • the EC2 machine you’re purchasing
  • the bare-metal infrastructure cost
  • the Hydra cost (our margin to operate)

Hydra’s Cloud Managed service is prorated by the hour, charged monthly. No enterprise contract, no renewals upsell: we are on your side. Beyond that, we don't charge for bandwidth today, we operate on a fair use policy.

The Hydra Pricing portal

Affordable at scale

Infrastructure companies should share their Cost of Goods Sold (COGS). Most of us do the back of the napkin math anyway. As an example, let’s compare an AWS r6a.large (4 vCPU, 32GB RAM) with 100GB storage, which costs $0.30 / hour. This is a relatively small machine and it’ll work great for efficient startups and developer projects. Scale analytics with Hydra instead! Get started today.

Volume discounts

Don’t mind trading commitment for a discount? Contact us for details.


Hydra Cloud is built on AWS and we support US-EAST-1 (Virginia, USA) and EU-CENTRAL-1 (Frankfurt, Germany). If you would like us to support additional regions or other cloud providers, please contact our team.

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Joe Sciarrino
CEO of Hydra

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