Hydra Cloud Generally Available

Simon Wijckmans

Product Lead at Hydra

Earlier this week we announced Hydra 1.0 to general availability. Today we are glad to announce Hydra Cloud to GA.

Introducing Hydra Cloud

Hydra Cloud is the fastest and most reliable way to run Hydra. Hydra Cloud provides a scalable and secure cloud environment where automatic backups, resource scaling, high availability, point-in-time recovery, and more is available instantly with new databases. Hydra Cloud is currently available on AWS in us-east-1 (Virginia, USA) and eu-central-1 (Frankfurt, Germany). If you are seeking support for other regions please reach out.

Try the Hydra Free Tier to create a column-oriented Postgres instance. Then connect to it with your preferred Postgres client (psql, dbeaver, etc). Hydra Cloud Pro pricing is pro-rated billing (by second) and paid monthly in arrears: only pay for what you use.

Fully dedicated databases for every customer

The Hydra architecture spins up a separate EC2 instance and Postgres server for each customer. Allowing for single tenant instances with increased isolation over other managed database service in the industry.

Simplified Operations

Hydra Cloud offers automated backups, fully managed upgrades, and point-in-time recovery as part of our Pro tier.

High Availability is optionally available.

Hydra Cloud also offers the ability to scale up storage and upgrade or downgrade your compute.

Support & Services

The Hydra team is keeping an eye out on your databases. We monitor all of our databases on behalf of our customer and step in where needed. As part of our Pro offering we offer a Support ticketing service. When using High Availability we offer a 99.99% uptime SLA.


We offer flexible, highly transparent pricing.

Learn more about our pricing here, we've also done a blogpost to share more on our pricing strategy.

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Simon Wijckmans
Product Lead at Hydra

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