Pausable Compute

Simon Wijckmans

Product Lead at Hydra

Why pay for running a database that is not in use?

Introducing Pausable Compute

With Pausable Compute, any Hydra Cloud database can be paused. At that point you only pay for storage at rest, not for compute. This allows you to keep costs low while you are building the next big project on Hydra. Simply press the button “Sleep”.

Best used for:

  • Weekly, monthly, quarterly reporting. Resume compute to batch load data from the latest period, perform Business Intelligence (BI) reporting, and pause compute when finished.
  • New projects and weekend hacking don’t always have daily, predictable use. Keep data in storage and resume when you quickly start up again.


  • Upon pressing "Sleep” all existing connections and transactions will be terminated.
  • Putting a database to “Sleep” will take 5 minutes. To resume from Sleep will take up to 15 minutes.
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Simon Wijckmans
Product Lead at Hydra

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