New look, old gods

Joe Sciarrino

CEO of Hydra

Since Hydra is a character from ancient Greek mythology, we chose to model our brand after ancient Greek Hydriai (Water Jars). People often describe data as the “new oil,” but we think data is similar to the “new water.” Running a modern business without real-time data is like running an ultra-marathon without water. Just like public water infrastructure, Hydra’s open source is available to anyone for free.

Many DevTool / infrastructure websites look almost identical. Life’s too short, so we figured let’s have some fun. Our brand aims for ancient, yet modern, which is a fun axis to play on. If you grew up playing “Age of Empires” you might like our design 😉.

Aside from being beautiful, the ancient water jars were a medium for epic storytelling. Building Hydra is an adventure too and we hope you’ll follow along on our journey!

Metropolitan museum of art vase

Easter Egg: Did you notice the Hydra elephant (above) has two hydra-like trunks?

Hydra Logo & Icon

Hydra full logo black

Hydra full logo transparent
Hydra logo, H only on black
Hydra logo, H only on transparent
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Joe Sciarrino
CEO of Hydra

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